WANTED: A Cure For Addiction – By Fenny Fwa

Addiction is a serious disease. Only two things I’m addicted to facebook and football, to the extent when I wake up in the night, instead of proceeding to answer nature’s call which was the primary reason I woke up, I must open my IPAD to see what is trending. In fact, sometimes, I lose my appetite when I’m engrossed in writing something. Sometimes I missed very important appointments that are beneficial to me when I’m writing something. The worse is football. Sometimes I get sick and my blood pressure raises when my favorite time loses. In fact, sometimes, I find it difficult to sleep when my team is at the losing end.

Well, I don’t mind that of football because it is confined between me and my body, but in the case of Facebook, it pitches one against the general public, particularly when your views are acidic thereby creating unnecessary altercations, bad blood, and infighting. I have tried to restrict myself to educative and entertaining posts, but that happens only for short while. A lot of people have advised me to keep off controversial issues, especially those border on politics, security, and governance generally. I had severally given my word to well-wishers and myself, but after complying for few days, the injections took almost forty years ago from the Bala Usman, the Gani Fawehimis, the Eskor Toyos, the Karl Marx, Fidel Castros will just resurface and change my mental and intellectual disposition.

I need help from those that have been cured of this disease, but certainly not from people like Uncle T whose cases have become malignant.

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