There Is Life Without Government

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

Fellow compatriots, we should know Nigeria is greater than any individual. If you are not pleased with the results of the just concluded election, note that there were occasions that a lot of people were not pleased with the other elections you were happy about. Life goes on. You win some and lose some. My advice is in whatever you desire, a lot of people are looking for it. There is no perfect system anywhere. If you are aggrieved, there are legitimate doors of channeling them. But don’t make laws in your hands and undermine the corporate existence of the country. If some people are unreasonable, you don’t belong to the same class, you must remain calm and steadfast.

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Just look around you and see how some people are fairing, you will realize that despite your predicament you are a lot better than them. The problem with most of us is that we just don’t believe there will be life without government. There are people in the village who lived for 90 years without government and did not die. There is an elderly person of more than 90 years who is my father’s cousin. He was born a cripple and that didn’t discourage him as he was a successful farmer and had plenty of animals than before things turn for the worse. In the last 10 years, he became blind. Before he became blind, I tried to get him operated so that he could get his eyesight but he refused and eventually became blind. So here is a man of 90 years who is crippled and now blind. He doesn’t beg nor will you find him lamenting about his predicament. Each time I met him, I become physically and mentally strong because he inspires me with his will to live despite adversities. I took it upon myself to be sending stipends to keep body and soul together. In the last two months, I didn’t send anything and he never sent requesting for anything. When I met him on Saturday he was his usual self, lively and cracking jokes. When I apologize for not sending stipends he said there was no need for an apology as I have been doing my best. That my assistance now came in handy and as usual continue to bless me to high heavens.

Now, this is a man of 90 years, I don’t think there is anything he has enjoyed from the government. The only thing I can say government touched in his life is that one of his daughters is working with government as a junior officer and once in a while she supports him. Despite his disabilities, the lack of government touch in his life and his only surviving male child died several years ago, he still perseveres. I have constantly brought medical staff to check his blood pressure, but he has no trace of hypertension, no diabetics. He can’t remember when he complained of sickness.

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The moral of this story is if this old man can live peacefully with such disabilities, without any impact of government in his life and life goes on without stress, without lamentations, why should you be despondent, downcast and frustrated.

Fellow compatriots if you are believable in God, accept things as they are just as others accepted things when it was happening to you.

If you think you are doing that for the nation, God loves Nigeria more than you. Let us all bury the hatchet and let us move on with life. “Nigeria go better.”

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