The Rise & Fall of Governor Bindow

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

In the middle age, those earmarked for death in Athens were forcefully compelled to drink hemlock. This was the fate that befell Socrates, one of the world’s greatest political thinker.

In far back 399 BC, Socrates aged 70, was condemned to death by a court of 501 citizens for the crime of “not believing in the gods in which the state believes, and corrupting the youths”.

In the world of today, hemlock is an anathema; it has no place in the society although overzealous power seekers walk into deadly traps without compulsion, and with their two eyes wide open. In other words, inordinate ambition drives them into dangerous terrains and unhealthy alliance, where they grovel, undergo demeaning rituals and suffer indignities for the sake of political power.

This is the fate that has apparently befallen the incumbent governor of Adamawa state, Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, but the peculiarity of his case is quite dangerous compare to the case of Socrates, owing to the fact that the electoral verdict of citizens of the state condemned him to political death without chance of appeal but is busy building castle in the air in the name of skipping the prosecution.

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The present situation of Bindow is forcing me to feel tempted to endorse the saying that those who gods want to kill, they first make mad.

Since after presidential election when he clearly foresee his failure, his political calculations were characterize by high-tech comedy of errors that is gradually turning into a tragedy.

Even before Bindow finished his campaign tour, it was so glaring that failure awaits him at the polls. Many political analysts who followed the trend of his campaign were quick to conclude that what he was doing was not campaign, but was best describe as a farewell tour across the local governments of the state in preparation of his exit.

Though Bindow and his close allies were deceived by the fake crowd which their money mobilized during their campaign after failing to understand that all the crowd he was witnessing at his campaign rally were congregation of aggrieved people who were there to collect their share of money that comes from the government coffers.

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What sent a shivers down to his spin was the thirty two thousand votes that PDP gubernatorial candidate honestly gave him as margin in the polls. This alone is enough to tell him that people of the state has made up their minds to take him to the cleaners despite having power in his armpits.

Though he want to stand tall back to power with the glory of fake high heels by resorting to outright vote buying at polls in display of desperation for power, but the electorates maintain their ground that their verdict is final despite financial inducement.

Had it been that I am close to the incumbent Governor of the state, I would have advise him to take heart and reserve his strength for packing, because he no longer need to consult an oracle, or posses a magic wand to foresee for himself that his days in office are numbered.

At this point, it is so audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that his desperation for power which give him wrong political calculation to operate under cover as the key player in the case of Hon. Eric Dollars as his plan B will not work.

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His hopeless situation is worsen by the fact that with the supplementary elections to be held according to court verdict, virtually in all the areas that elections are cancel are pro-PDP polling units and they are located in the areas where people cannot be intimidated by whatsoever threat that will come from the rigging quarters like it was done in Kano in favour of Ganduje.

Aside to that, all the so called kingmakers of the state who he thinks will spray their wings to cover him during the rerun polls are not favourably dispose to his candidature and they will never reverse and relent in their effort of bringing him down as they started in the first Guber-election.

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How I wish he should not allow his desperation for power to makes him wallow in the fool’s paradise by thinking that he can force himself back to power at the morning hour when our eyes are wide open.

He should bury the thought of rigging and know that Adamawa state is no longer the timid and docile society that politicians use to manipulate elections and toe with in the recent past; the people are now wiser and know how to take their destiny into their own hands.

Where Bindow got it all wrong is that the power he is enjoying now is transient; you either leave it or it leave you, and when it finally decide to dump you there is no remedy to that and this is the time that power choose to leave him irrespective of the sacrifice he offer to the gods to appease them.

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Although one can not be certain of how tomorrow would unveil its pages, but this pieces is engineered by the current state of the political realm in the state.

Supplementary elections is to hold tomorrow, Thursday 28th, 2019, could be a turn over of government or the incumbent governor stays?

The electorates decides.

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