The Dangers Of Silence Of The Graveyard

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

If there is a place where there is absolute silence is the graveyard. when you say silence of the graveyard, it means there are ominous signs that something could be cooking that portends danger and it could explode with catastrophic consequences. The silence of graveyard could mean a situation where some people are quiet because they are being suppressed by either internal or external circumstances.

I’m juxtaposing this idiomatic expression in the context of our present political logjam. The presidential election has just been concluded with ominous dangers which a lot of people are wishing away because they are too carried away by victory without realizing victory if not handled with humility, justice, and equanimity, and people are suppressed, especially the opposition, it may witness silence of the graveyard which could have dire consequences in the near future. This is, therefore, a clarion call for the use of political power justly.

My understanding of power in this context is all legitimate means of power should be used to get all forces whether in support or against the government be subjected to legitimate authority. This could be done through dialogue or due processes of law, but not to use power to harass, intimidate or suppress people in order to have the silence or peace of the graveyard. This I’m afraid is what is being displayed to the opposition.

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Just to build up the presidential election, the lawyer of the presidential candidate of PDP was arrested for alleged money laundering because the sum of $2m was traced to his account. After the presidential election, the Accountant of his group of companies was arrested looking for some incriminating financial transactions. All this could be interpreted as an attempt to muscle Atiku Abubakar to total submission so that he could totally be irrelevant politically. I don’t want to be misunderstood. For God sake, if this was done to deal decisively with corruption, I’m totally for it. But if you juxtapose this with the case of Ahmed Bola Tinubu where two bullion vans were sighted in his house containing cash and this was not disputed as the man openly said this to the press that yes the bullion contains cash and the cash was his. And that since he is not a contractor of government, he could do anything with his money. With this incontrovertible evidence, Tinubu was neither arrested nor being investigated for alleged money laundering.

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These are actions rather than bring about real peace in the polity, will likely bring about the silence of the graveyard with dire consequences.

I’m appealing to PMB not allow his aids to abuse power by the haunting of political opponents. A lot of them believe in law 15 of the 48 laws of power authored by Robert Greene which says “ All great leaders since Moses know that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. If one member is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost by stopping halfway than through total annihilation. The enemy will recover and will seek revenge. Crush him not only in body but in spirit.”

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Robert Greene is carried away by maximum use of power that he has ignored two factors in the power equation. Let him look back. Those who use power maximumly end up being disgraced out of power and there are a lot of examples. Gaddafi was in power for 42 years and had maximum power. He ended up being butchered inside a pipe, the same thing with Hussein Sadam of Iraq.

The most notorious maximum ruler that require special attention was Adolf Hitler. Before he came to power, Germany was the most powerful nation economically and militarily in the world. Then came Hitler a mere Lance corporal in the German Army. He built his Nazi party on primitive German nationalism. That the Jews had monopolized economic power with their control of industries and commerce. He promised to get rid of the Jews. It was on that basis that they elected him. He fulfilled his promise by passing out of existence 6m Jews. Prodded by this, he took on the world. That was his nemesis as other world powers, hitherto sworn enemies, joined forces and crushed Hitler. He eventually committed suicide. That is not the crux of the issue. The crux of the matter is Germany was Balkanized into West Germany and East Germany, each controlled by the two world powers, namely the Western powers and Eastern Powers for 45 years. It was in 1990 that the two nations were unified. Despite being the fourth largest economy in the World now, yet they lack political power. Despite the enormous economic strength, they do not have veto power in the UN. Despite their economic power, they can’t produce nuclear weapons. These unpleasant blockage imposed on Germany were by-product Hitler’s misuse of maximum power.

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The second factor ignored by the author of 48 laws of power is the G factor. No matter how powerful you are, God can make the impossible happen by his divine intervention. Nobody could have stopped Abacha from being “elected” the president of the country, but God did it by taking him to the land of no return.

Besides, with the result of the presidential election, the president doesn’t have to bother about political stability. He has 64 senators and a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives. His arch political opponent in the Senate, Bukola Saraki, the Senate president has been roundly defeated; although Yakubu Dogara has been re-elected, there is no way he will be elected as the speaker. It’s, therefore, APC all the way. The APC apparatchiks will have nothing to fear if eventually the results of the election are contested at the tribunal and Supreme Court as the CJN that may constitute a threat has been shoved aside. Contesting the election in law courts to me may end up a mere academic exercise.

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I’m therefore of the view the Abdulsalami peace committee should please intervene in this seeming harassment of the opposition as it portends a lot of dangers- the silence of the graveyard.

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