Public affairs analyst Bilyaminu Gambo Kong-kol identifies 10 reaaons why incumbent Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow was not abked to secure his seat as the governor during the 2019 general elections.

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There is no doubt, Adamawa is a civil servants state, a state where salaries play a vital role in every aspect of human endeavours in all the twenty one Local Governments the state has.
The welfare of the citizens solely depend on how punctual salaries are being paid. The delay in salary payment can one way or the other affect not only the civil servants but their dependants, businessmen, and the socio-economic development of Adamawa state.
In the four years of Bindow’s administration, workers in Adamawa experienced the worst moment of their lives. They sometimes get salaries after thirty-five, fourty or fourty-five days. This development turns the workers to borrowers. They spend seventy to eighty percentage with others hundred percent of their salaries paying back what they owe. To them “albashi” (salary) was “bashi” (debt) not wages.


Bindow’s government was an anti local governments administration. The twenty one local governments in Adamawa state were denied their the rights and privileges. The funds of these local governments and the salaries of workers were diverted to road constructions in not more than five to seven local governments. Over 100 tractors were bought with the funds of local governments which are no where to be found as of now.
From 2015 to 2019, local governments’ workers salaries were not paid regularly except during Sallah festivals, Christmas and 2019 general elections. It could be recalled that the governor in 2018 opined that local governments’ workers must appreciate his kind gesture, stressing that their salaries were gifts because they haven’t laboured for it.


The contributions of PHCDA doctors and primary teachers to the development of the people from the grassroots can not be over expressed, over emphasized and over stressed. Ninety percent of the people of the state benefitted in one way or the other from these two sectors including Bindow himself.
Building structures and equipments in these sectors were neglected.
Salaries and other entitlements of PHCDA workers and primary school teachers were not paid regularly. To these workers, Bindow’s government was a disaster, many have died due to hunger, frustration and depression.
The curses these people and their dependants showered on Bindow led government is equivalent or more than the curses showered on former president, Goodluck Jonathan by indigenes of Borno state.


The magic and tricks used by the outgoing governor during APC primary elections in the state was the root cause of the party’s failure in the state. I am sorry to say but there was nothing like primary elections but primary selections by Bindow and the leaders of the APC in Adamawa. The APC candidates for Senatorship, House of Representatives, and State House of Assembly were given automatic tickets with others rigging the primary elections.
The governorship direct primary election which could not hold in many local governments was massively rigged.
Many if not all members of the APC in the state were unhappy with the greediness and non-chalant attitude shown by His Excellency, Muhammad Umar Jibrillah Bindow.
Adamawa citizens love APC as a party but the personalities in the party killed the party by betraying the masses. Most of them came to power via SAK in 2015 but failed to utilize the chance given to them by the APC. APC was killed in Adamawa by APC family not the masses.
This is what led us to Aisha Buhari and Mahmoud Halilu (Modi) Influence.


Mahmoud Halilu popularly known as Modi, a brother to the wife of the president Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, was among the APC’s governorship aspirants in the state.
Intelligence reports indicated that Modi Halilu and Aisha Buhari who were unhappy with the way APC governorship primary election was conducted, worked against the incumbent governor in 2019 elections.
Both Modi and Nenne have not campaigned for Bindow and none of their supporters were in need of Bindow to return to power, considering how he denied them their franchise during primary elections.


Bindow who was an ally to former governor, Murtala Nyako from 2010 before he become a senator to 2015, turned to be a rival after 2015 general elections.
The former governor, Murtala Nyako, his son the ADC governorship candidate in just concluded general election, Abdul-Azeez Nyako and the ADC state chairman, Yahya Hamma-Julde fought gallantly for Bindow before, during and after 2015 elections. Few weeks after he was sworn in as governor, Bindow turned white to black, honey to lemon and water to wine. He showed no appreciation to the Nyako’s family and to add pepper to wound, he started fighting them. Forgetting the wise saying that says “Never bite the finger that feed you”.
The Bindow’s uncalled attitude forced Nyako’s family to leave APC for ADC in 2018 with over two hundred supporters.
ADC scored 113,205 votes which is more than the margin between Fintiri of PDP and Bindow of APC with over 73 thousand. Imagine what would happen if Nyako’s family was in APC.
The Fulfulde term O JIPPA TAN used by Nyako in almost all the ADC consultation tour has greatly affected Bindow Jibrillah.


Though he fulfilled some of the promises he made in 2015 but his failure to guard his tongue and vet his speeches, awarded him a nickname “DIGITAL”. Digital to those who came up with the name means someone who tells what is not true.
Thousands of Adamawa citizens where affected negatively whether directly or indirectly by the digitally of governor Bindow.
In short, Bindow was a kind of person who finds it simple to feed his followers with untrue statements and fake promises.


To youths like me in the state, Bindow administration was a pure disaster and a horrified calamity. Bindow runs a four years government without officially employing or empowering youths.
Under this outgoing administration, you must know the governor or someone who is close to the governor before you get employed. How can a villager who is from far Toungo or Madagali local government have an access to the governor?
The government has contributed to the insecurity within Jimeta and Yola metropolis (The ‘yan shila).
The more the unemployment rate, the more the number of youths who go into anti-human activities like drug abuse, stealing, kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry and many more. Thousands of unemployed youths were left unattended to for four years and you expect the community to live peacefully. Would that be possible? That’s capital NO.


Adamawa is among the states that received Bailout and Paris Refund from federal government of Nigeria to clear salariy arrears of both state and local governments’ workers. However, Adamawa citizens have been accusing the governor for diverting the funds and embezzlement as well. The way the governor organised some unwanted events with Kannywood actors such as Hadiza Gabon, Rarara, Ado Gwanja among others received lamentation from almost all the nooks and crannies of the state.
Such events and corruption submit in February, 2018 were seen as an embezzlement of state government’s funds.


Advisers are those people who advise their boss on what is needed to be done for the betterment of the society. Advisers support, oppose and criticize ideas and issues tabled before them by their boss.
Unfortunately, the case is different under Bindow’s government. In the first instance, for you to become an adviser to Bindow, you must be either his supporter who used to praise him especially on traditional or modern media. Here, he will give you that appointment for you to continue praising him.
Secondly, you must be his opponent who criticizes and opposes his failures. Here, you will be employed as an adviser to stop going against his government and start praising him.
Lastly, you must be brought by someone who is close to him.
All the above mentioned are praise singers not advisers.
You have over hundred advisers, they are aware of all what is mentioned in this write-up and they kept mute. Are they really advisers? Are they not there just to earn money?
Now, that they have retired you from politics, what is next?
Well, on behalf of Adamawa citizens, we are wishing you a safe landing and success as you return to business.
At least, you have shown us your true colour.

PDP should learn from Bindow’s mistakes, four years is like four months.

Bilyaminu Gambo Kon-kol,
Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst.

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