Reuben Ndumari Need Your Help With This Girl!

Facebook user Reuben Ndumari need your help with this new girl he fall in love with but twisting things around for him. Check his post below:


Hi guys I need your advice please!!!

I’m in love with a girl in my area, so I asked my friend about how the girl is, he told me that she is nice and she does not have a boyfriend.
One day I met the girl and told her about my feelings for her and she told me that she can’t be my beb because she doesn’t have chance in their house but so we agree on friendship.
The following day I met her, when I saw her I love her more than before, I told her that I love her more than before and she reacted to me that she agree with me, I was thinking that my dream come true. I told her how to manage our relationship with situation of their house, we started happily but to my greatest surprise I discovered that she have boyfriend when she collected my phone to login in her Facebook account and I go through her chat history and I saw one of guy is dating her but she never told me. And I love her so much, I afford to lose her
What should I do????

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