Nigeria, Egypt Friendly On My Mind

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

First, let me state that I dread the North African countries football. Their football leagues are compact, classic, real, functional, business-like with good administrative policies and personalities running the affairs. Hence, it is even the envy of both the European and American leagues. Not to mention African nations, they seem to be learners and see the North African leagues as even European with the exception of South Africa which has some leverage better than the rest in comparison.

The mere mention of Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria in African football competitions, other nations goes underground, giving way to victory for these aforementioned North African countries, given their class of football. They dominated Africa hitting Nigeria like Tsunami and Earthquake; however, I can still excuse Cameroon and perhaps Ghana as at the time when these Saharan countries were fully in charge.

Egypt still remains a focus in African football and Nigeria cannot consider the country at any point in time a push-over whether in a friendly or competitive football. Therefore it is good we are hosting the country in a friendly match in Asaba, Delta State. The Pharaohs of Egypt would have played their final qualifying match for the AFCON 2019 in Niamey, the Niger Republic before arriving Nigeria on Sunday, the 24th of March, 2019.

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The Super Eagles who also had a dead rubber match with the Seychelles national team which had been shifted for this purpose of the Egypt friendly will have a taste of the Pharaohs’ style of football which looks more like English football than the African traditional robust tactical play. The Egyptians could adopt any formation when it comes to playing fellow African countries, especially when they trade tackle with West African nations. They can be very trickish with their style of play and that is their biggest asset. I repeat the North Africans play “tricks” with football to the disadvantage of their opponents on the field.

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The Super Eagles whose playing pattern no longer has a rhythm of identification will suffer greatly in the hands of the Pharaohs because the individual Eagle now plays individual formation, style, strategy, and pattern. If you ask this writer what he means by this postulation, I readily don’t have an answer!

The Eagles have not played a coherent pattern of football since the exit of the 1994 squad which had been adjudged the best national team ever assembled by the country. That team is compact, consistent, coherent, poetic in style with a tactical projection of a winning syndrome which was their trademark and that helped them a lot to demystify the likes of this same Egypt we are meeting soon in both the friendly and at AFCON proper. So, if this is the only language of the game that confuses the North Africans, especially the Egyptians, where would the Eagles go from here because they lacked all that can subdue the Pharaohs, except the otherwise happens!

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Good morning Nigerians!

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