Nigeria; A Nation In Search Of Compassionate Leaders and People of Good Conscience To Rescue Her.

Engr. Daniel Kadza

May I define compassion as: An emphatic movement of our souls to identify with people in their situations at lifting them out of it. Conscience is the harbour of passion, Leaders with conscience will therefore be compassionate and will forego their individual, party, religious and ethnic interest to rescue our Nation from the foregoing wickedness against humanity.

Compassion can be further expressed as seeing what your people see, hearing what they hear, and feeling what they feel.
When leaders see wickedness increasing against their citizens, and they ignores, and they can’t put their differences aside at all cost, assemble together and take strong position in the interest of the nation.

Our country has suffered a major loss of some kind, probably the worse in our history. Unfortunately, it seems the three arms of government in Nigeria are either at war and the balance of power which is the tenet of democracy is threatened.

Sadly, the religious leaders are not willing to intervene or they have grossly compromised and are unable to practically condemned the deplorable state of our Nation.
Nigerians are walking through a difficult times, the bloodshed, kidnapping, armed robbery and massive corruption in the land is catastrophe.

“As Jesus pass through the people and was with the people, He became compelled by compassion”.

Just as He did this and was moved with great emotion, we have to do the same by being willing to enter into their pain, suffering, and loss.”

When leaders understand the situation and enter into the feelings, they ought to develop compassion. Why? It happens because they see what their citizens see, hear what they hear, and feel what they feel.

Where are the Leaders, who will sacrifice their personal interest for our Nation wellbeing, so that we all can live peacefully?

Nigeria, the giant of Africa must not be put to shame before the whole world. We have capable stakeholders to put an end to the Challenges. It’s not about an individual, religion, ethnic or political party. It is about a nation handed over to us peacefully by our forefathers and we must strive to sustain our heritage.

Engr Daniel Kadzai,
President, COCGOG.
Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC)
FCT Chapter, Abuja

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About the Author: Engr Daniel Kadzai

President, COCGOG. Chairman, Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC)
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