Let Us Change Our Perspective On Politics

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

Why we always have a messy electoral contest is because politics to us means a matter of life and death because of our propensity for mental and physical laziness and therefore require handouts from the government on regular basis.

There is life without government. Igbos have shown us the way. That is why they can vote for their conscience. Win or lose they will go back to their shops. That is why before or after the election, they hardly record violence. But here in the North life starts and ends with the government. I thank God I farm all year round to earn a living after retirement. That is why on my wall I don’t write to please anybody. I write what I think is in the interest of this comatose nation that requires life support. If in the process I’m not considered for anything because of my views so be it. I will carry my cross. There is more to life than the temporary riches that will not be eternal. When my father was persistently questioned by friends as to why despite being a king he was not building houses and other investment( he was king of our land for 31 years and apart from the house he built before becoming a king he didn’t build any). He said if his good name will not open doors for his children, then nothing else will because the wealth will finish, but the good name will last a while and believe me his name has opened doors for us.

It’s unfortunate that people comment either to curry favor to the power that is or purely on ethnic and religious sentiments.

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Because of our penchant for looking at issues from a sycophantic and ethnoreligious basis, we have been quarantined to be hewers of wood and drawers of water. We are not taken seriously in the comity of nations. Ghana is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, yet they have moved forward in the development index, virtually recording twenty-four hours of electricity supply. India is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country with more than 2000 ethnic groups, with a population of 1.2b people, yet they have progressed because they have harnessed their mental and physical strength without resorting to mediocrity, or sentiments. China has 55 tribes with several religions and a population of 1.4b. Despite their large population and being multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, they are now the second largest economy in the world because they have buried their differences and perfected their vision for their country which they actualized. But here we are eating sentiments, drinking mediocrity, taking birth with fraud and incompetence. How long shall we continue like this?

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It’s time we jettison these negative attitudes and harness our mental and physical strength as China and India did for the good of our country.

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