Is There Still Hardworking And Productive Nigerians?

An upwardly mobile friend to whom I told my desire to write this piece wanted me to make a special case for her needs and her contribution. It immediately raised a fundamental question about who the Needy is. People would naturally have a different perception about who the Needy is. One contributes to putting in that apart from the political office holders in today’s Nigeria, every other person is Needy. Really? How then do you place successful businessmen and women, CEOs, and consultants, Musicians, actors and actresses, banks, oil company executives etc? Indeed, Nigeria has a business mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

It is spending to know that there are some hardworking and productive Nigerians who had built up wealth so much. There is hardly any day you are driving and your site is not assailed by the presence of some distressed Nigerian male and female, who have different kind of ailment that seems to have defined the skill of the best medical scientist. You see tumors of the eyes, stomach, legs, hands, heads; indeed no part of the body is spared. The distressed man and woman are stationed defiantly at the center of the road while the assistants are taking the sac around the sympathizers in idling traffic to drop in their windows mite, some are barely hanging to life and little wonder that some die even before the targeted sum is reached.

If you are able to avoid the path of these not too pleasant Street scenes, you are not likely to avoid seeing the pitiable scene of a terminally sick person on different television channels or in the newspaper. Many people do not have the means to access such social media attention. Besides, there are tales of desperate needs; orphans, motherless babies, economic and social destitute, windows, frustrated unemployed persons, beggars, different shades of financial handicaps, etc.

The truth is that most of us are guilty regarding our low propensity to give. It is not for naught that the United Nations phones put in the proportion of poor Nigerians at 70%. There are cases that are far, far worse, with those who suffer that are not even sure of tomorrow. With insensitive government that does not care about the plight of the distressed Nigerians, these are supposed to be some institutionalized channels to deal with certain cases. Cooperate bodies and wealthy individuals should have a foundation to handle them. It can be seen in the great works of Bill Gates doing through Melinda Gates Foundation throughout the world, handling various forms of humanitarian causes. Former American President, Jimmy Carter, Warren Buffet and so many others were sending their respective help.

How much does a man need to go through life? How many houses will he live in? How many cars will he drive? When he dies, how many of these things will he take away? Many of our wealthy ones are too stingy. When they die, their families will begin to fight over wealth. To heaven, is to put a smile on the face of others.

Most of the churches and mosques that preach this sermon are not any different. They do not have a proper welfare scheme for the destitute Pastors and Imams live flamboyant lives. There is a caption “the rich man could not sleep because the poor man is awake” why? The fear of robbery, kidnapping, 419 etc. The poor are hungry.

Kanu Heart Foundation, for example, has done much but it is being happed by lack of funds. The wealthy ones in the society should set up foundations to help the cause if the less privileged in the society. Corporate bodies should loosen up their tills to the Needy. Every corporate organization should set up well-managed and funded foundations that proffer a solution to a particular societal challenge.

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Agnes Martins

About the Author: Agnes Martins

Agnes Martins is a 300L student Statistic from the University of Maiduguri who is so passionate about writing, investigative journalism, and Girl Child Education advocate.
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