I Pity IG Wala: If Only He Had Prepared Himself Well

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

If IG Wala had done his home work very well, he could not have landed himself in the mess he is in now. He made a very good attempt to expose and fight corruption but corruption fought him back. The battle that subsequently consumed him is not his only battle. It is a battle for all of us – those advocating for a corrupt free Nigeria.

Convicted to serve a 12 year jail term, I really pity IG Wala for this misfortune. But really, IG Wala’s lame defence through his lawyers in his trial is responsible for all these sad ending. Although he may succeed on Appeal, the chances are slim. All critics should know that the best and only defence against libel, defamation of character etc is justification. IG Wala made an accusation without a back up to fall back on should corruption decide to fight him back.

When it was his turn to justify his allegations against the Hajj Commission Chairman, he goofed and could not substantiate his allegations. It is one thing to accuse some one and it is another to substantiate and justify it. All those standing trial for corruption in Nigeria are not allowed to be called criminals but accused persons, says our law. They are but until convicted by the court of competent jurisdiction. The Police, before arraignment called them suspects, you know.

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Had what IG Wala alledged in his petition justified with cogent and compellable evidences, that could have been a big breakthrough for war on corruption in this country. That could have brought an end to the exploitation of unsuspecting pilgrims in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and without any piece of evidence to back your allegations up when you are taken to court, that will be too bad for you! Our courts don’t speculate and also, don’t embark on a voyage of discovery to manufacture evidence for a litigant.

I expected IG’s lawyers to apply under the freedom of information law to get some documents tendered including the findings of the Senate on corruption allegations against the Hajj Commission Chairman. But as lawyers, we usually see things from different perspective or angle. What IG’s lawyers saw for omitting to do that, I wouldn’t know but really, they have not done enough as far as I am concerned.

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