Folks Defection From One Party To Another Is Not Unique To Nigeria

Folks I have been irked and very worried with penchant of our politicians to defect from one party to another and posited that our politicians lack principles. I was tempted to conclude that it’s a Nigerian and African disease, but when I checked the records, I was, to large extent, wrong in my conclusion. Perhaps Wilson Churchill, one of the most outstanding British politicians and a successful prime minister gives credence to the fact that defeating has a universal colouration.

Wilson Churchill was in Conservative party in 1900 and was elected as member of the British parliament. He crossed over to the liberal party in 1904. He again crossed the floor in 1924 to the Conservative party and became the chancellor of the exchequer i.e minister of finance. He was eventually crowned the British prime minister in 1940 when the substantive prime minister Neville Chamberlain resigned.

So the most colourful, inspirational, oratory, successful prime minster of Britain defected three times in two different parties just like our senate president Bukola Saraki , the presidential candidate of PDP, Atiku Abubakar and Nuhu Ribadu now in APC have changed parties three times.

If we complained that we have not followed the fine democratic culture of our colonial lords, we too are not missing in inheriting some of their minuses. In fact even the Almighty America have such cases. The hawkish current president of America Donald Trump was in Democratic Party. He supported Hilary Clinton’s first attempt with Obama, financially and physically before he defected to the Republican Party and became their flag bearer and went on to win the presidency of America.

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