Charlie Remy Needs Your Advice On Sex Demand by Girlfriend

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

Its seem this world is getting too confused. What exactly do ladies want in a relationship?

Some would claim not to involve in a sexual relationship with their boyfriends, giving him a deaf ear to his demand, but here is another case where its the boyfriend that is saying no. What piece of advice do you have for this young fellow?

Read his post:

I’m Charlie. A Nigerian. My girlfriend broke up with me recently claiming I never loved her because I’m yet to have sex with her despite all her pressures on me to do so. But I actually meant no harm. I just wanted her to know that sex isn’t loving, there’s a difference between sex and intimacy and what I needed wasn’t sex but intimacy with her.
She refused to believe me, saying I was meeting other girls and called it a quit.

Friends, this hurts me because she’s actually my first girlfriend. I was wondering if I should have given her what she wanted or just forget about the whole thing and move on? Pls, I need to have your says.

*I’m Charlie Remy*

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