Are These Young Ladies into Corporate Prostitution?

Prostitution has been an age long profession or hobby which ironically has gone in a long way winning the heart of ladies and young girls of different ages in our Society.

A prostitute is a woman who offers herself to men for payment. It may be money or any other thing in return. In our Society today, the business of prostitution is unbecoming to the extent that young girls at the primary school level have become a part of this bandwagon. One may have heard about this maybe prostitution maybe on the radio, T.V. set etc. But make at realistic to readers, this prostitution can come in different forms. The first one is what we call the open prostitution. This open prostitution is seen when a young girl or lady publicly agreed on herself as a harlot by hiring a room in a hotel or any other place with the intention to attend to her male customer. In this case, you can see that the lady is often busy as a bee because her business is 24 hours business. The lady in question is ever ready to attend to her customer depending on the appointment or agreed time limit. You can bear with me that such a person will earn not less than a thousand a day but remember a saying “ what shall it profit a man after enjoying this world and then lose the kingdom of God”. They have forgotten that one day you will face judgment.

They are several sociological and economic reasons behind this game or business called prostitution among our ladies in our Society. One may begin to meditate and inside himself questions about this state of quagmire. One may begin to consider the fact that a lot of young graduates from various higher-institutions of learning and even here in secondary level remain unemployed several and excellent leaving school certificates, which is supposed to have lured the person a lucrative job, some girls and ladies who are victims of this situation sometimes find space in getting involved in secret prostitution in other to earn a living.

In our Society today there are many instances where young girls, who, in a bid to escape poverty, swim in a part-time job prostitution. This set of girls are regarded as sex-hawkers. They can be seen in the road-side, where they pose waiting for (men) who will pick them in other to exchange their body with cash or whatever. Some girls or ladies who exchange in this business with the intention that their parents, relatives or their guardians cannot cater to their financial needs.

Another reason for prostitution in our society is the fact that some ladies want sexual pleasure, but they do not want responsibilities of living with one partner for a lifetime. This class of ladies always arouse for sex, they have uncontrollable sex urge. This class of girls or ladies are called NYMPHOMANIAC. Viewing back in the ancient days, when ladies dress decently and respected their bodies when Ladies did not come out anyhow, talk more of coming out at night when our cultural mode of dressing was respected, devils influence on our young girls is seen on their mode of dressing. They have been influenced by modern means of dressing, communication; video, movies, television, and the Internet, newspapers, magazines etc. They are fast in learning and copying what they have seen through these media.

Some will even go a long way to covering themselves and giving flimsy excuses that God warrants sexual intercourse and that is why he created in and woman and told them to go and multiply, forgetting that sexual intercourse is meant for married couples. Why not wait till u get married then u can even spend the whole years exchanging sexual pleasures? Some ladies sell their lives in the name of prostitution because they are ugly with the intention of they have a husband but that is nonsense. Always bear in mind that later, is better than the beginning and he who endured to the end shall be blessed.

In addition, peer influence is a factor too. In this world, we have two kinds of friends that will add something to our life and a friend that will subtract many things from our lives. The type of friends one keeps will go in a long way to making or marrying him and tell me your friend and I will tell u who u are. More often than not, our young girls enjoy copying the negative aspects of their friends. They are on the belief that when they engage themselves in immoral acts, such as prostitution, the more their ego is bring boosted, so to escape being tagged timid(juu) by their peers, hence majority take to illicit trade.

Prostitution or premarital sexual relationship, depending on how one may learn, it can never bring happiness to any individual who is engaged in it. It is prone to a lot of risk and uncertainties such as unwanted pregnancies, contacting various types of venerable diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV/AIDS and the dangers and emotional stains abortion, rearing illegitimate children, the rest are forced into unpredicted marriages and to worsen the case, some may lose their life in the process of abortion.

O! What a dangerous situation! What a pandemonium! Considering this effects of prostitution, it pays no good than bad to be a prostitute; we should stop prostitution in our country, Nigeria

Here are some key factors to give a solution or to help curb this ugly situation. First, the is need for parents to bring up their children to be God-fearing ones because parents are the first teachers and anyone who loses home training and teaching; I don’t think the person can find the way out which means that they should start on time before the person might have overgrown or have been ruined by peers to instill morality in their young girls.
Secondly, the society is spoilt, as everybody us seen to b money conscious. One mayday that money is everything but I say is a capital NO. Believe me, that money is the root of all evil happenings in our Society today. Nigeria should change the orientation and have the fear of God and not the fear of money.

In conclusion, I advise our Society to stop worshipping money and material wealth. The government, in order to help matters, should provide employment opportunities for school graduates, not favoritism which is never the way out. The government should also make effort to improving the economy and better our standard of living. The parents, on the other hand, should so a lot on the upbringing of their daughters. Schools should also introduce moral education so as to teach students the way of God. For it is said that “. Prevention is better than cure” it is better to prevent prostitution by creating an atmosphere in which people will hate and avoid it rather than seeking to cure it.
Finally, there should be an improvement in the moral standard of our youths, especially girls, to form the most potent strategy in this war against prostitution in our country Nigeria.

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Agnes Martins

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Agnes Martins is a 300L student Statistic from the University of Maiduguri who is so passionate about writing, investigative journalism, and Girl Child Education advocate.
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