A Woman Sleeps With Men To Pay Children’s Fees And Food, Is She A Prostitute Or A Caring Mum?

Today, I had an encounter with a single mother of 3 and she seems to be having issues with two other women in the hood.

You all know when women are fighting in the hood, they expose all secrets they’ve kept with one another. It was two against one fight as the two other women said everything about how the mother of 3 will always sleep with men to raise for money for her children upkeep.

Knowing fully well that her secret is finally exposed, the mother of 3 owned up to the allegation and she was bold to say that after all her children are fine and they attend the best school in the neighborhood.

Now, I thought about how to describe this woman but I couldn’t place it. I would like to throw this question here
A Prostitute Or Caring Mum, How Would You Describe A Woman The Sleeps With Men To Pay Children School Fees?

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